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Commercial Advertising

Could your business use a professional video advertisement that will not only highlight what makes your company or product unique but separates you from the competition? Look no further! Our media experts will make a high-quality spot crafted just for you!

Video Production

Maybe you own a business or product that needs a special video presentation detailing how your business or product works? Productive Lens Studio specializes in quality training videos, how to videos, product informational videos, and so much more!

Wedding Videography and Photography

Getting Married and weighed down by the ever-growing to-do list? Rest easy knowing that your once in a lifetime moment can be viewed for all time with a beautiful video and photography package tailored specifically for your special moment!

Event Videography

and Photography

It can be challenging when planning events for Clients, Family or Friends to find the perfect team to capture the moments you work so hard to create. Allow our professional staff to do what we do best by creating amazing video and photography packages for corporate parties or events, award ceremonies, family gatherings; basically, any event you can think of we’ve got you covered!

Personal and Promotional Photography

Headshots, print advertising, brochures, website beautification, senior pictures, engagement photographs… need we say more!? If you need professional, quality photography our skilled team are standing by with cameras in hand!

Film Production

Have a feature or short film, television series, reality show or web-series and require an experienced crew? Our passionate professionals know what it takes to go from concept to red-carpet.


You can’t get your vision to come together on the page like you see it in your head? We’ll work with you to tell your story the way it was meant to be told with a finished screenplay. This is the blueprint that you’ll need to go from dream to reality!

Sound Design

So, you’ve got cast, crew, and everything in between… but wait, what about sound? Productive Lens Studio has your back! Let us create high-quality sound design for your film, commercial, or audiobook. Voice-overs, ADR, and Foley are sure to amazing when Productive Lens Studio is on the job!

Video Editing

It’s one thing to shoot convincing footage, it’s another to create an amazing video with top of the line transitions and effects. When it comes to standout quality in video editing, we have the skills and technology to get the job done right!

Music Videos

You’ve got yourself a band, amazing gear and the talent needed to take you to the top; only problem, no music video to showcase what your group is all about. A quality video can make all the difference when trying to reach out to the world with your music. Focus on making great music and we’ll make sure you look good doing it!

Productive Lens Studio is constantly expanding with new forms of media all the time. If you have a project that you don’t see here, have no fear! Hit us up and we will make it happen!

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